Virtual Behrens

/installation/author Jakub Kopec/curator Ivana Rumanová/Working Exhibition, New Synagogue, Žilina/2017

The architekt Jakub Kopec decided to complement and make present the visions of Peter Behrens in the space of the Nová synagóga, using virtual reality. In the end, he turned out to be equally interested in the central area of the dome and Behrens's absolute ideas as in the strange space of absence beneath it. If we were to make the dome into a complete spherical object in space, it would not touch the ground but rather levitate above it at the height of 68 cm. Jakub Kopec already worked with this specific space once in his Pódium (Stage) project of 2013. This time he addresses it in a completely different manner and using completely different means, but even now he transforms the space of deviation or imperfections of construction into a space for play, a possibility for a human being to enter or play with the architecture. (Curatorial text)

#cupola #installation

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