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/exhibition architecture/author Jakub Kopec/curator Ivana Rumanová/visual identity Pinchof/photo Peter Snadík, Jakub Kopec/New Synagogue, Žilina/2019

The exhibition looks at the present from the position of its future archeology. The architecture of the exhibition consists of the plinths from the five gallery institutions. Their arrangement responds with the monumentality of the whole to the architecture of the exhibition space (dome and galleries) and with the imperfection of the details (aggregation of worn plinths complemented with several raw wooden beams) to the context of everyday gallery operation. The plinths served as a diverse fundus for the exhibited artworks and were reinstalled as an autonomous relict after the exhibition was interrupted due to the theater festival.

#cupola #monument #recycling #exhibition architecture #formation #grid

Milada Horáková Park