affective movements

/research project/co-author Darinka Pilári/New Generation Museum, Žďár nad Sázavou/2016

Is a staircase just a vertical communication or does it offer also something more? Spiral stairs in the New Generation Museum in Žďár nad Sázavou were tested through improvised movement of a dancer. She reacted to the space limits of staircase and the range of motion sensor which recorded her, as well as more and more to her own caprices.


/research project/Brno/2016

I´m entering into my studio flat, running music on my notebook, coffee is boiling on the kitchen cabinet, I´m pouring and drinking it on the sofa.


/parking fields/urban research/public space, Brno/2011

Photo serie was shot in urban spaces during everyday and in time of street cleaning. It shows how much space is colonized by car traffic.

brno architecture manual

/concept of architecture trails/in cooperation with Rostislav Koryčánek and Petra Hlaváčková/Brno/2011

The brno architecture manual (BAM) is available as a freely accessible database, trail markings, printed maps and guides providing those interested in architecture with detailed information about brno development dating from 1918-1945. An internet database of 400 architectural structures is available for professionals and the general public at http://www.bam.brno.cz/ and contains informational texts, maps, photo documentation and audio recordings to download. Therefore, anyone can take the nine suggested tours or create an architecture trail of their own. The information is also provided in the form of markings on the pavements outside the buildings providing codes of the buildings and internet pages.


/urban design/brno/2010

The unused stadium is set as urban free zone limited only its boundaries. Up-to-date the spontaneous urban fabric of coloseum in nimes and workers colonies in brno.