/exhibition architecture/graphic design Tomáš Hnida/public space, Praha/2014

The installation of street exhibition 130 Years of Prague 7 is inspired by local pavilion with Marolds´diorama of a battle near Lipany, and by recycling of earlier design of West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen. Despite decreased scale it creates an autonomous exhibition space with upper diffuse lighting. Due to inner orientation of exhibition it is achieved its detachment from visual smog of public space. The form of object in between low-tech futurism and Tokyo Lucky Hole attract passer-byes to peep.


/installation/graphic design Pixl-e/public space, Praha-Bratislava-Ostrava-Hradec Králové-Brno/2012

A variable object designed for Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2012 was intended for announcing finalists of this prize for young Czech artists. Turnable modul changed for five times its position and appearance according to introducing of five candidates in five cities.

exposition of one project

/exhibition curating, installation/public space, Brno/2012

The seasonal outdoor exposition presented a selection of realised designs within the central european area focused on a younger generation of architects. Each two weeks a new architectural project was exhibited in a temporary object in the public space in brno. The aim of this exhibition was to reach an immediate contact of the general public with contemporary architecture and to boost an urban space. The exhibition installation was used as well as an urban furniture for sitting or a bike stand. The presentation of each project embraced its genesis from original idea to realisation. Projects were exhibited by backlit panel and working models.