/exhibition architecture/curators Mária Janušová, Erik Vilím/visual identity Pinchof/Jozef Kollár Gallery, Banská Štiavnica/2018

Architecture of the XII. Triennale of Small Object and Drawings, focused on the object-oriented ontology, plays with the least attractive and at the same time the largest object inside the exhibition space - faded heavy-duty carpet. It is transformed from the only superficial covering of gallery floors into space-making element, which correlates with different levels of exhibition rooms and plinths and creates a new topography undulated similar to the landscape of Banská Štiavnica. Besides the landscape of carpet is topological, it keeps a geometrical continuity of the original floor plan. Its folds partially uncover floor screeds and partially recycle or cover useless exhibition elements. A visitor-wayfarer discovers art pieces situated in this landscape, (s)he can walk through or have a rest within for a while.


/private contract/Brno/since 2010

In the project is merging a topography of the stone quarry with the original workers house, which is a part of the monumental heritage complex of the former slum. The building programme circulates through the new topography of the house. A sequence of confined rooms of the existing building is adapted into the generous living space, which is opened to the daylight rare in this area.


/landscape installation/co-authors Tomáš Tholt, Marián Lucký/Dúbravica/2016

An installation within the workshop Landscape Revisited 5 creates a shortcut on a path connecting art interventions in a landscape frame of Central Slovak village Dúbravica. Except the path itself the clearing through impenetrable shrubbery is a source of material for its further overgrowing protection. 

Station Buffet

/installation/organization and refreshments Bufáč/landscape architect Efemér/graphic design The Rodina/arrangements Mák Hustoles/in cooperation with 4AM/Brno/2013

On the interface between the peripheries of the southern centre of Brno and linear landscape of the railway embankments is a forgotten train station building. Due to repairs of the viaduct in the city centre a provisional platform was built on the site of the planned relocated station serving as a temporary international train station. In response to this slightly chaotic situation, a station buffet was created in the front garden of a house nearby the improvised platform. Serving as a base for the new refreshment kiosk was a reinstalled construction designed for announcing the finalists of the 2012 Jindřich Chalupecký Award. The module, the rotation of which allowed several different uses, was set in the form of a table in the grassy area like a garden pavilion. The new buffet was decorated with flowers that grow naturally on railway embankments or plants characteristic of potted and flower bed plants of smaller local stations. Under garlands of table cloths made from Formica, the passengers were served specialities inspired by the poetry of railway diners. Visitors could try meatloaf with tarragon mustard on caraway bread, aspic and sandwiches with ham mousse or pickled sausages and drink soda with cherry and lime syrup or beer from small Czech breweries.


/competition entry/co-authors Ondřej Bartůšek, Jaroslav Sedlák/Štvanice, Praha/2013

Project redefines island phenomenon of the place and opens its recreational area to surrounding city boroughs. This thesis is based on three principles - disjunction of transit transportation, addition of local conjunctions and forming of passable landscape.


/private contract/Frýdlant nad Ostravicí/since 2012

An adaptation extends the existing cottage to the slope and rebuilds it for a barrier-free using. The new building volume is designed with a respect to topography of the Ondřejník hillside, which it escalates in the manner of the Beskydy mountains rock formations.