Index Fossil

/exhibition architecture/curator Ivana Rumanová/visual identity Pinchof/New Synagogue, Žilina/2019

The exhibition looks at the present from the position of its future archeology. The architecture of the exhibition consists of the plinths from the five gallery institutions. Their arrangement responds with the monumentality of the whole to the architecture of the exhibition space (dome and galleries) and with the imperfection of the details (aggregation of worn plinths complemented with several raw wooden beams) to the context of everyday gallery operation. The plinths served as a diverse fundus for the exhibited artworks and were reinstalled as an autonomous relict after the exhibition was interrupted due to the theater festival.


/landscape installation/co-authors Tomáš Tholt, Marián Lucký/Dúbravica/2016

An installation within the workshop Landscape Revisited 5 creates a shortcut on a path connecting art interventions in a landscape frame of Central Slovak village Dúbravica. Except the path itself the clearing through impenetrable shrubbery is a source of material for its further overgrowing protection. 


/installation/curator Katarína Gatialová/New Synagogue, Žilina/2013

Project was based on random variation, which arose in building construction of Neological Synagogue by architect Peter Behrens. During six events the deviation became the starting point of connecting currently rebuild spaces of synagogue with the public. The project was testing the space for its future use as kunsthalle. In the central area was the multi-purpose platform, which had the height according to the original plan of synagogue. It represented an extension of the public space to the interior of synagogue, where it provided the facility for activities of accompanying program. Modular system of platform used its vertical adaptability for the specific type of the event.


/sound installation/in cooperation with 4AM/public space, brno/2011

Its hard to recognize, what time is it on newly opened clockwork sculpture in the city center. This sound installation provided a possibility to make own time by passerbyes. A mobile phone with a cuckoo clock ringtone was connected to hi-fi system and located inside, outside was announced a cell number for calling it.

Television tower

/installation/co-authors Jaroslav Sedlák, Jiří Vítek/Eastern Bohemia Gallery, Pardubice/2010

Deposit of discarded televisions symbolically refers to contemporary media tower of babel.

Living room

/installation/co-authors Jaroslav Sedlák, Jiří Vítek/public space, Pardubice/2010

installation was inspired by poetics of square as an exterior living room. discarded televisions, former transmitters of culture, became new urban furniture - living room wall and place for sitting. element known from private households is resite to public space as a tool for its settlement.