Psychoanalysis of One Space

/exhibition design/in cooperation with 4AM/Praha/2013

Almost no architecture of exhibition. A cleaned space of original, temporary renewed washhouse creates a scene for audio recordings of exposition, introducing a probe into subconcious of former psychiatric hospital laundry in Bohnice. During exhibition newly installed washing machines and washing lines serve public.

Blast Off City

/exhibition/co-authors Jaroslav Sedlák, Jiří Vítek/EBG/Pardubice/2010

Project installation within Blast Off City exhibition.

Television tower

/installation/co-authors Jaroslav Sedlák, Jiří Vítek/Eastern Bohemia Gallery, Pardubice/2010

Deposit of discarded televisions symbolically refers to contemporary media tower of babel.

Living room

/installation/co-authors Jaroslav Sedlák, Jiří Vítek/public space, Pardubice/2010

installation was inspired by poetics of square as an exterior living room. discarded televisions, former transmitters of culture, became new urban furniture - living room wall and place for sitting. element known from private households is resite to public space as a tool for its settlement.