/workshop curating, forms production/co-curator Jiří Vítek/tutor Jan Pernecký/participants-authors of forms Veronika Očadlíková, Ondřej Mráz, David Zatloukal, Eva Horáková, Jiří Janda/ice-lollies production Klára Eliášová/PRAHA, Brno/2015

Ice lollies as architecture, architecture as frozen bottom-up movement. The last one from workshops with Ján Pernecký, focused on parametric designing in Grasshopper platform, was dedicated to simulations of non-linear behaviour via agent systems. Its outputs are student designs of limited edition of house-made ice lollies, which is possible to buy seasonally in cultural space PRAHA in Brno.

Station Buffet

/installation/organization and refreshments Bufáč/landscape architect Efemér/graphic design The Rodina/arrangements Mák Hustoles/in cooperation with 4AM/Brno/2013

On the interface between the peripheries of the southern centre of Brno and linear landscape of the railway embankments is a forgotten train station building. Due to repairs of the viaduct in the city centre a provisional platform was built on the site of the planned relocated station serving as a temporary international train station. In response to this slightly chaotic situation, a station buffet was created in the front garden of a house nearby the improvised platform. Serving as a base for the new refreshment kiosk was a reinstalled construction designed for announcing the finalists of the 2012 Jindřich Chalupecký Award. The module, the rotation of which allowed several different uses, was set in the form of a table in the grassy area like a garden pavilion. The new buffet was decorated with flowers that grow naturally on railway embankments or plants characteristic of potted and flower bed plants of smaller local stations. Under garlands of table cloths made from Formica, the passengers were served specialities inspired by the poetry of railway diners. Visitors could try meatloaf with tarragon mustard on caraway bread, aspic and sandwiches with ham mousse or pickled sausages and drink soda with cherry and lime syrup or beer from small Czech breweries.


/competition entry/co-authors Ondřej Bartůšek, Jaroslav Sedlák/Štvanice, Praha/2013

Project redefines island phenomenon of the place and opens its recreational area to surrounding city boroughs. This thesis is based on three principles - disjunction of transit transportation, addition of local conjunctions and forming of passable landscape.

Znojmo cucumber

/competition entry/co-authors Ondřej Bartůšek, Jaroslav Sedlák, Jiří Vítek/Znojmo/2009

The winning design defines the fragmented square by insertion of a new polyfunctional block, which creates the maximal built-up boundary and divides a frequent road into two one-way streets. Around this block is situated the underground parking corridor.


/happening/co-author josef omelka/public space, brno/2007