/exhibition design/co-author Filip Kusák/curators Jakub Kořínek, Lenka Sedláčková/graphic design Kutululu/Brno/2017

The installation transformed a street network of the city Brno onto surfaces of the exhibition hall in its centre. Each one of city interventions was exhibited as a model object, through which its author interpreted the idea of this intervention.

City Interventions/Cuckoo

/exhibition/former prison/Brno/2011

Site-specific installation of project within City Interventions exhibition.


/sound installation/in cooperation with 4AM/public space, brno/2011

Its hard to recognize, what time is it on newly opened clockwork sculpture in the city center. This sound installation provided a possibility to make own time by passerbyes. A mobile phone with a cuckoo clock ringtone was connected to hi-fi system and located inside, outside was announced a cell number for calling it.