Adaptation of Connection Wing of Pražák Palace

/public contract/co-author Jaroslav Sedlák/in cooperation with 4AM and Deep Throat/Brno/2014

On the ring road around the historic city centre of Brno there is a courtyard between the Neo-Renaissance complex of the Pražák Palace (Moravian Gallery) and the Community Hall (Brno Philharmonic). This project adapts their connecting wing placed on the terrain edge of former city walls embankment.

The task is to change the use of an existing conservation workshop to a barrier-free cultural space for lectures, workshops, concerts, exhibition and performing arts projects, movie screenings and similar activities with café, bar and the facilities.

There is no permanent purpose (function), it is just defined the space of existing building and a new space of events. The existing space is not capacious enough even after removing all partitions, therefore the re-initiated space is situational, expanding according to instant needs to the outer courtyard or shrinking into an intimate café. Thus the “interior of the city” (the courtyard) and the adapted building merge in the new gradients of their common floor. The boundaries of proposed architecture are defined by the multiplicity of its cultural programme.

The new permanent interventions are infrastructural (barrier-free adaptation, installations, new entrance door, sanitary facilities, storage/office room. The infrastructure is visible (inner cabling, distribution systems and shafts. The new furnishings are moveable for both interior and exterior use (bar segments, stage platforms usable as work desks, height-adjustable tables, stackable and folding chairs). The ambivalence of the changing space is accentuated by the preserved traces of the former workshop (strip lights reflecting the previous disposition, the texture of concrete floor, different plaster granularity in the places after the removed partitions...) and the use of reclaimed elements (polycarbonate panels from the exposition Images of the Mind, re-installation of bookcases from a book fair or the chairs from online second hand shop.

Psychoanalysis of One Space

/exhibition design/in cooperation with 4AM/Praha/2013

Almost no architecture of exhibition. A cleaned space of original, temporary renewed washhouse creates a scene for audio recordings of exposition, introducing a probe into subconcious of former psychiatric hospital laundry in Bohnice. During exhibition newly installed washing machines and washing lines serve public.

exposition of one project

/exhibition curating, installation/public space, Brno/2012

The seasonal outdoor exposition presented a selection of realised designs within the central european area focused on a younger generation of architects. Each two weeks a new architectural project was exhibited in a temporary object in the public space in brno. The aim of this exhibition was to reach an immediate contact of the general public with contemporary architecture and to boost an urban space. The exhibition installation was used as well as an urban furniture for sitting or a bike stand. The presentation of each project embraced its genesis from original idea to realisation. Projects were exhibited by backlit panel and working models.

City Interventions/Cuckoo

/exhibition/former prison/Brno/2011

Site-specific installation of project within City Interventions exhibition.

asking architecture/compact city

/in cooperation with jan pernecký and 4AM/installation/venice/2012

The Compact City exhibition was virtually reinstalled as a part of project Asking Architecture in Czech and Slovak pavilion at 13th International Architecture Bienale in Venice. The conception was similar to Brno curatorial installation, by contrast its realization used the virtual space of augmented reality chosen by curators of pavilion.

Compact City

A compilation of texts relevant to the Compact City exhibition.

Compact City exhibition

/exhibition curating, installation/co-curators Petra Hlaváčková and Szymon Rozwałka/4AM, Brno/2011

The Compact City exhibition itself was given the form of  a continuous workshop - five exhibitors from five central european countries introduced topical installations for the duration of the event. Every participant had at their disposal the entire exhibition hall for the period of one week, concluded by a presentation and opportunity for discussion with another lecturer. Each and every installation was based on the exhibition hall being shared with other exhibitors and the additive nature and concept of exhibitions. In its own way the exhibition represented an unfinished experiment similar to the one of a city itself.


/exhibition design/in cooperation with Jan Tabor and 4AM/Vlněna factory, Brno/2011

Discovered materials from documentation department of former textile factory were installed in a grid placed on the floor of the vacant industrial hall as a part of exhibion Art and Liberation/Europe 1943-1967.


/happening/in cooperation with 4AM/Brno-Venice/2012

After announcement the laying off of 4AM from gallery of architecture we realizated a symbolic moving to the location of that time ongoing 4AM project at 13th international architecture bienale in venice. The scene of our contribution to common ground topic of bienale created the common table removed from the meeting point in Brno.


/public contract/graphic design The Rodina/4AM, Brno/2011

The design adapted a void entrance space of the architecture gallery for needs of its new operator. The existing foyer with a counter for an usherette was changed to a public library, meeting point and venue of workshops. In the middle of the room there was placed a large common table surrounded with bookshelves integrating existing doors to warehouse and toilets.